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Titanfall – Atlas reveal trailer

This is the Atlas, Titanfall’s footsoldier Mech. Respawn Entertainment designed the Atlas as an all-purpose mech, well-suited for every scenario and level within Titanfall. It has great armor, good fire capabilities, and while it’s not as strong as the Ogre in terms of brute force, it’s certainly faster and more maneuverable. Along with the slow but extremely strong Ogre and the nimble Strider, the Atlas completes the trio of Titanfall mechs. Combine this diversity with the various abilities of the Pilots, there’s sure to be a great deal of combat scenarios in the highly anticipated shooter.

Titanfall is quickly approaching its 11th of March release date, with the game coming to the PC and the Microsoft consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360. To take a look at the Ogre, visit our Titanfall Ogre reveal trailer!


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