InFamous: Second Son will focus on singleplayer, won’t have multiplayer

Sucker Punch’s highly anticipated InFamous: Second Son won’t include a multiplayer mode, as clarified earlier today by the game’s brand development director, Ken Schramm. He explained that Second Son will feature interaction with multiple NPCs, but while these play an important role, the developers decided to stick to what the game does best, and that’s singleplayer. This is not a surprising decision, given that previous InFamous titles lacked a multiplayer mode, but still managed to be highly memorable games. Rather than trying to implement a multiplayer mode into a singleplayer game and failing in the process (yes Tomb Raider, we’re looking at you!), Sucker Punch sticked to what they’re good at with InFamous: Second Son, and that’s an immersive singleplayer experience.

InFamous: Second Son will star Delsin, a young protagonist with some really exquisite supernatural abilities. The action takes place in a redesigned Seattle. The gameplay is designed in a way that balances these abilities, and you won’t be able to spam elemental powers carelessly. Instead, you’ll have to fill up a meter and carefully time your abilities if you are to be successful. InFamous: Second Son will also provide players with great freedom of choice, allowing you to tackle missions outside the main story objectives. However, this freedom comes at a price, and depending on some of your choices, you may lose access to certain missions or situations.

InFamous: Second Son is being developed for the Playstation 4, and it’s one of the most anticipated exclusive titles for Sony’s new console. Launching in February, the game will come with two Collector’s Edition versions:

  • The first version is called Second Son Special Edition, and will include a replica of Delsin’s Red Beanie, among other things.
    InFamous: Second Son PS4-Special
  • The second version is called Second Son Collector’s Edition, and will include a vest case and other goodies along with the beanie.
    InFamous: Second Son PS4-Special Collectors Edition

You can also take a look at the E3 trailer of InFamous: Second Son below, as well as a comprehensive screenshot gallery.