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More Elder Scrolls Online beta invites have been sent out

A new batch of beta invites for the Elder Scrolls Online has been sent out today, and based on all accounts, it’s the largest wave of invites to date. Bethesda is preparing for a comprehensive stress-test of its Elder Scrolls Online servers, and the stress-test will begin on Friday, the 7th of February (starting at 12:00 PM EST) and will last until Monday, the 10th of February (11:59 PM EST). Many have been eagerly awaiting for a chance to test the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online, and this might just be your lucky day.


We’ve done some digging, and it seems it’s a huge wave of invites indeed. Multiple people have confirmed receiving their invites, so if you haven’t checked your e-mail, it’s high time that you do. For Google Mail users, make sure you check the Promotions tab of your inbox. And, as always, check your spam folders as well, there’s a chance Zenimax’s e-mail is idling there. If you haven’t gotten in, all hope is not lost. Registration for beta-testing is still open, so make sure you hop over to the official Elder Scrolls Online website. Beta registrations are available for all platforms, however the Playstation 4 and Xbox One beta stages will start at a later time, since the launch on consoles will come a bit later, sometime in June.


The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release on the PC on the 4th of April, and this large batch of beta invites is most likely designed to prepare Zenimax and Bethesda for launch day, when their servers will most likely be pushed to the limits. We’re hoping to see a smooth, problem-free launch for The Elder Scrolls Online, as a repetition of history as per the Battlefield 4 launch fiasco would be devastating for this highly anticipated MMORPG. In case you’ll get a chance to test the game and will like it, you can read more about subscription fees and pre-order packages in our Elder Scrolls Online pre-order coverage.

Did you get your key? If so, are you excited about testing the game this weekend? Let us know!


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