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Adventures in Wildstar

Wildstar is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for this year. Carbine Studios has to cater to some extremely high expectations with their humorous space-set cartoonish game. With more and more information being revealed on Wildstar, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what exactly the game will offer. This week, Carbine Studios released a new trailer for the game, explaining what Adventures are, and how they work. Adventures are virtual simulations for 5-man groups, each with specific objectives and tasks to complete. In other words, Adventures are a sort of party-based dungeons, with the minor exception that they happen outdoors.

Basically, as a player, you start a 5-man group and, depending on your level, have access to specific Adventures. The neat thing about Adventures is that they offer huge diversity for Wildstar. Carbine ensured that these are not repetitive, and thus provide players with multiple choices when doing an Adventure. The objectives are fixed, but how you get to those objectives is entirely up to you and your party. You can take on a stealth-based approach, or you can go berserk and slaughter your foes. What NPCs or factions you side with is your choice alone. By this, Carbine promises that group content in Wildstar will never become repetitive, and every playthrough of an Adventure will yield different results.

Based on what we’ve seen so far in the Beta, Adventures are definitely fun. As you start an adventure, the challenges aren’t particularly rough, but as you progress, things get harder and harder, so you won’t fall into a boring grind and routine. They are also considerably lengthy, providing well over an hour of gameplay. And of course, loot is nice, so there’s that incentive for doing them too. In any case, enough chit-chat, take a look at what Adventures are in Wildstar yourself, by watching the video below:

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