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Titanfall Collector's Edition first look
Titanfall Collector's Edition first look

The Titanfall Collector’s Edition – unboxing

Respawn Entertainment have done a unboxing of Titanfall Collector’s Edition. The Titanfall Collector’s Edition will be delivered in a box of considerable size and is being sold at the huge price of $ 250 (it seems that stocks are already depleted).

Besides the game itself, the Titanfall Collector’s Edition offers an Atlas Titanium model, with miniature statues of several soldiers (that can be attached to the Atlas Titanium model). You will find a poster with the plans for the Titanium Atlas within the package, along with a hardcover album with over 190 pages full of artworks from the process of making the game.

Titanfall Collector’s Edition for Xbox One

Titanfall aims to shift the shooter hierarchy completely, much in the same way Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare did in its time. To do this, Titanfall introduces an extremely dynamic and competitive environment that includes both controllable mechanical robots (mechs), as well as agile Pilots. With the ability of the Pilots to jump significant distances and wall-run, the maps become interactive on a vertical scale as well. The Titanfall release date is set for March the 11th, 2014, at least for Xbox One and PC. The game will be released on the Xbox 360 two weeks later, on March 28, 2014.

Source : Respawn Entertainment

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