Blizzard introduces four new characters to Heroes of the Storm

Following today’s announcement that revealed the first Hearhstone Adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, Blizzard Entertainment gave its fans yet another piece of good news at Pax East. This time, in regards to their upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm, currently in its Technical Alpha phase .

At Pax the company stated that “As we mentioned previously, we’re working hard to create heroes that feel and play very differently than anything we’ve done in the past”. The four new heroes that will be added to Hots are: the Faerie Dragon Brightwing, Zagara, a Broodmother that was featured in Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, LiLi, a Pandaren from World of Warcraft and Murky the Murloc.

All of them can be seen in the picture below:

Details were also given in regards to the role that each hero will play within the game.

LiLi – “Lili is a new support hero with an ability set that helps her to very effectively aid her teammates throughout the game.”

Brightwing – “Brightwing is a versatile support hero capable of teleporting from ally to ally, healing them and providing them with the help they need to succeed in battle.”

Zagara – “Zagara has map-wide components to her design; she can drop Creep Tumors to spread Zerg Creep, which helps speed up her movement speed, as well as the speed of her summons.”

Murky – “Murky is going to die A LOT, but he’s a hero who eventually overwhelms enemies across multiple battles. He doesn’t need to win every fight; he just needs to win once.”

A video presenting Brightwing, one of the new heroes was released today as well.

Blizzard also briefly mentioned the next three heroes that they’re currently working on: Chen, Kael’Thas and Sylvanas.

For the original post from Blizzard and other details concerning Heroes of the Storm please visit, and while you’re there you can also choose to opt-in for the Alpha from the account settings if you’re interested in the game.