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How to get an iPhone 5s for free or $40 for your damaged iPhone 4s

For a two year contract with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint you can have a brand new iPhone 5S for $100 from Radio Shack. If you are willing to be committed to a carrier for two years this can be considered  a good deal for you. But there’s more. If you have a functioning iPhone 4s laying around that you have absolutely no use for you can trade it in and get the iPhone 5s for free. Well, not for free but close enough. You will still have to sign the contract with one of the three companies.

The promotion has no expiration date but as with all deals that are this good they all tend to end right before you make up your mind. Radio Shack started the promotion on the 18th of April and God only knows for how long it will be available, so act fast. If you hate being committed to a telephone company by contract for such a long time, you can still find good deals for your old iPhone 4s.

At Best Buy you can trade in your iPhone S4 16GB if it’s in good condition, meaning no chips or cracks, no water damage and it runs off the battery, for as much as $140. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Even if it’s in rough shape but still works you can get as much as $63. Gazelle has a similar offer but they will buy your S4 even if it has a cracked screen, missing button or it doesn’t even power on for $40.

If you decide to turn your device in make sure you wipe all personal data from your phone. Some companies may offer to do it for you but if you want to make sure your personal information remains private, make sure you do it yourself. Considering how fast technology is evolving especially when it comes to mobile phones it’s hard to keep up the pace. If you have other outdated devices lying around gathering dust make sure you find a good deal and trade them in or donate them to Goodwill. If you have no use for them maybe someone else has.

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