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Uncharted 4 loses voice actor, gameplay at E3 and Sony’s new trademarks

Two Uncharted 4 stories have made the headlines today and we’ll start with the bad news just to get it out of the way. It was announced earlier that Todd Stashwick will no longer be part of the Uncharted project. Stashwick, whom voice you might recognize from the Uncharted PS4 teaser trailer has been involved with the game for more than six months according to a tweet he posted.

The voice actor told IGN  that “they chose to recast my role”, fortunately he was already hired some time ago by Visceral Games as co-writer for the studio’s upcoming Star Wars project. The game has not been officially announced yet so details are scarce, we do know however that the project will be directed by Amy Henning who was also working on Uncharted PS4 prior to her joining Visceral Games.

The other piece of Uncharted news sounds more like a rumor but we’re going to share it with you regardless. A tweet was posted earlier by the user Tidux which claims that Uncharted 4 gameplay will be revealed at E3. Who is this Tidux you ask? Well, according to DualShockers  he is an industry insider that knows what’s what at Sony. He has revealed in the past details about the PS4 UI before they were disclosed so let’s hope that he has good info this time as well.

This is the second time we’re hearing about something like this lately. Another insider that goes by the name of shinobi602 also tweeted something similar a few days ago, saying that “I know a lot of people are starved to finally see Uncharted, understandably. Fear not. #soon #E32014. Where these guys are getting their info is anybody’s guess but one thing is for sure, Sony will definitely want a piece of the E3 pie and news about an upcoming Uncharted for PS4 is sure to get fans excited.

We’ve also heard that “Entwined” and “Kill Strain” are two names that were trademarked by the company not long ago. There are no official announcements from Sony as of yet so all we know is that the they are both listed under “computer games software” with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is less than two months away so it’s not surprising to see this much activity coming from Sony in preparation for the event. Although these two new names sound interesting, ultimately everyone is expecting news about the next Uncharted title so let’s hope they won’t disappoint.

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