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Mass Effect 4 rumored to be coming out next spring

According to B-TEN, the sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy is indeed in development, not only that but they also claim it might be coming out next spring. The leak apparently came from an employee that works at Bioware who also mentioned that neither the company, nor EA will confirm the rumor. That is to be expected, after all we’re talking about one of the most anticipated RPGs here, if it turns out to be true of course. The anonymous insider, who had previously confirmed his work on Mass Effect 4 had this to say during a discussion: “Also if I was you, I’d get to playing the mass effect trilogy before next spring…”

This seems to hint at the fact that the next Mass Effect title will indeed come at some point during next spring, although no exact date was mentioned. The aforementioned insider was asked if this information could be used for publication, to which he replied : “You are allowed to report any information you see fit. BioWare won’t comment on it, and EA will state they don’t comment on rumor or speculation. The choice is yours, I simply provided you with a tease,”.

He also seems to mention at one point that he attended some sort of company meeting. He didn’t say that the meeting had anything to do with Mass Effect 4, but considering that E3 is less than two months away we think that it might had. Here is the statement: “Sorry for the delay, haven’t been on all day. Work didn’t want any online presence today for us, for good reason.”

For the moment these are just rumors so please take them with a grain of salt. Details on the next Mass Effect game are lacking, to say the least but if Bioware has plans to announce something it will definitely be at E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo takes place on June 10-12 this year, and it’s usually the place where companies present their brand new stuff, so keep your fingers crossed.


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