MiiPC. Would you exchange your Windows computer for Android?

A lot of people might think: this is heresy! MiiPC is known to be the next generation Android powered family device, which gathers a few functions one has daily-basis uses, such as: desktop computing, media center, gaming console, parental control, all in one.  The device has been created by a team of developers at ZeroDesktop, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, per official website. Quite amazing we would say, but will it be good enough to impress?

Normal users write or read on the internet, but do users need more than a tablet or a computer? Well, actually, most users are bored of having various devices in their homes, each one with a different operating systems, various firmware upgrades that are available or not; users can also get bored of compatibility issues. Recent reviews have shown that the MiiPC looks like a light, small box that can be easily equipped with a keyboard and mouse, a monitor TV or desktop connected through micro HDMI, a gaming console and many more. The device comes with a ready App  Store, an on-screen keyboard (which is not that comfortable to use, by the way), but the most important feature is the parental control, a cloud-based  patent-pending technology. This way, parents are able to control what, how much and when children are accessing the web, games, videos or apps, without being limited by distance or a server. This is the main reason why they called it a family device.

Even though Windows or Mac will never be replaced due to the powerful factors that attract so many consumers, some alternatives like these might be found in time and why not, be enjoyed by everyone! The MiiPC is a personal computing device that brings 2 GB RAM and 8GB of Flash Memory and can be used to surf the web, play games, watch videos, edit documents and access more than 300,000 Android apps.


  • OS Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Processor Marvell’s® award-winning ARMADA® 1500 Plus SoC, 1.2GHz DualCore ARM Cortex A9 SoC, Vivante GC1000 GPU
  • Storage 8GB eMMC Internal Flash and expandable via SD slot and USB port
  • System RAM 2GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet Port, and Bluetooth (4.0)
  • Connect to TV HDMI (1920x1080p 60Hz / 1280x720p 60Hz) output
  • I/O 3 USB 2.0 Ports & Speaker jack
  • Parental Control App Free MiiPC Companion Mobile App for iOS and Android, MiiPC Parental Web Portal
  • Integrated Cannonball Gaming Console Over 100 kid-friendly free games on demand with popular off-the-shelf game controller support.
  • Others Free Media Streaming Server App, Featured Apps Store, MiiPC Web App Center, File Manager App, Video (.avi, .mkv) Player
  • Color Jet Black