Faulty power button on iPhone 5 fixed for free

The iPhone 5, released at the end on 2012, has given some consumers a hard time lately.  Although it was incredibly praised by Apple fans, the device seems to have hardware faults, just like low cost devices.  Luckily, Apple actions proved once more that it does not want its consumers to be disappointed.  It is still unknown if only iPhone 5 went through this, or iPhone 5S, too.

On Friday, Apple admitted that factory issues apply for some of the iPhone 5 handsets on the power button. Apple informed that the on-off button only affected a small percentage of users, causing errors on its functionality. The company rarely replaced parts of the smartphone but there is a precedent, though. Back in 2010, after the iPhone 4 was first released, faulty antennas were detected and owners who encountered this inconvenience could have their devices fixed for free.

Same procedures will be followed this time, too. Consumers in the US can take their phones to the retail stores or to official Apple dealers, mail them in or call the official customer support number to get more information about the replacement program. Restrictions apply for damages produced by the user and other issues that the phone might have need to be solved before the button replacement takes place.

Other companies have had replacement programs, too. Samsung, for example has reported battery swelling issues for S4 devices last year and at that point, the Korean company also immediately offered to replace the batteries for free. Then Jelly Bean 4.3 was faulty for most of the Samsung S3 devices, so the company offered to downgrade the firmware for free, until the error was solved.