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Call of Duty 2014 unveiling on May 4th, first screenshot revealed

Details about the Call of Duty 2014 game were finally revealed by the producers themselves today. The announcement puts to rest all the rumors that have been spreading recently. In any case, a teaser trailer was released today which explains what the new Call of Duty is all about. The next title in the series will focus on Private Military Corporations (PMCs) and the impact they are having on global combat. The video starts off with: “In the next Call of Duty, the world’s most powerful military is not a country, it’s a corporation.”

A teaser website was launched today by Activision, which features a countdown timer that shows how much time is left until the unveiling. Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty 2014 developer also stepped forward earlier and tweeted: “A new era of Call of Duty arrives May 4th”. In addition the game’s official Twitter page changed its profile picture to a blurry image of the Golden Gate Bridge which features the message “World Reveal 5.4.14”.

Finally, a screenshot that was revealed by Game Informer shows a soldier in futuristic looking gear. The soldier looks very similar to the one seen in an another image that surfaced recently. While the other image didn’t show very much, this one sure does and we can tell that the game appears to take place in the future, or maybe in an alternate reality. The teaser video also mentions something along those lines. “In the last 20 years, global combat has seen a steady shift towards the use of private military corporations, or PMCs. What happens when the highest bidder becomes the world’s next superpower?”


Game Informer announced that they will be doing a cover story for the Call of Duty 2014 game, which will feature twelve pages of exclusive content. The magazine also mentions that the game’s first trailer will go live this Sunday at 12:00 PM Central Time (10:00 AM Pacific). Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you all the upcoming details on the new Call of Duty game this weekend.

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