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Temple Run 2 Tips & Tricks

Want to run further than ever in Temple Run 2 and achieve higher scores? In today’s guide we are going to list some of the tips & tricks that will help you in this quest. Let’s get started, shall we?

Did you know that you can get free coins right before you even start running? We will tell you how. After you download the game, head to the in-game store. The “Get Free Stuff” option is the one you want to choose as it will grant you 250 coins and a free gem for a few Facebook likes and some Twitter follows. This is very easily achievable and no cheating is necessary.

Another great way to gain bonus coins is to complete stage objectives. Completing missions in Temple Run 2 will add extra challenge to the gameplay but it will also make it more rewording. Extra coins are always a good thing in this game. If you want to save up for a new power-up don’t use Head Start. If you have 2.500 coins collected, the Head Start icon will appear at the beginning of the game. If you choose to use it, it will teleport you to the 1000 meter mark. You can jump even further if you have enough coins. Investing your coins into power-ups is more useful, try not to spend much on Head Start.

Upgrades will help you a lot in Temple Run 2. There are more power-ups to choose from than coins available to unlock them, so planning ahead is crucial. When you’ve found your preferred play stile invest your coins into the power-ups that help you best. Concentrate to upgrade these first to the max.

Jumping is difficult to master in Temple Run 2. If you can time your jump’s right the game will become much easier. If you get to a portion of the run where you can only choose one side of the lane because the other side is broken off, it can be useful to jump and then lean to the side where you want to land. Jumping will give you some extra time to choose the right path. Double jumps can also be hard to accomplish. If you come across double obstacles the best thing to do is to wait until the last second and jump over the two in one go.  You can also use the jump & slide combo in tight corners or slide & jump when you need to jump right after a slide.

Don’t chase after power-ups or gems found on the edge of the path. These may look tempting and that’s exactly their purpose. Play it safe, you will stay alive longer. If you are new to Temple Run 2 these tips will help you get started. The most important tip we can give you is to have fun playing it. After all, that’s the purpose of any game.

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