Oculus wants to make a MMO using Facebook

The recent purchase of Oculus VR by Facebook has been anything but smooth in terms of public opinion. However, it seems that Brendan Iribe – Oculus CEO – is only looking forward, announcing his plan for a billion player MMO that could only be possible with the Facebook partnership. “This is going to be an MMO where we want to put a billion people in VR”, was the statement made for attendees at a Tech Crunch disrupt event.

However ambitious the plan is, Iribe did say that the vision requires a bigger network than any in existence today, however Facebook is a good start. A potential idea would be a Metaverse that joins disparate virtual worlds. Iribe also stated that this vision was one of the key factors the alliance with Facebook. What followed were more statements that are sure to put the gaming hardcores into a frenzy, as Iribe asked rhetorically “Do you want to be a Game Boy or an iPhone?”, referring to the fact that mobile gaming devices such as the Nintendo 3DS don’t sell nearly as well as smartphones.

It remains to be seen if the concept af a billion-people MMO will stay just a concept, or if the partnership between Oculus and Facebook is the start to an eventual online VR platform to link between multiple platforms.


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