LG G Watch gets a new promo video

Smart watches seem to be the new “thing”. Every company that has a presence in the mobile devices market will try to make us buy their product over the next few years, just like they did a few years back with the smartphones. Up until the announcement of Android Wear software, only Samsung dared to jump on this idea with the Galaxy Gear line, but its main competitor on the Android market, LG, has just joined the fight.

LG G Watch was no secret. It was revealed a few months back, alongside other similar devices like the Moto 360. The Korean company has just released a new promo video for the future smart watch, which runs us through the design and a few hardware features. It seems that the G Watch will be housed in a sturdy metal case, that will protect the components from shocks, but also water and dust.

Battery life was a big problem for the first generation Galaxy Gear, and LG addresses this in the video with the phrase “Ready for anything, at anytime with a single charge”. It’s still a rather ambiguous claim, but I think that we can expect at least a full day of operation until the battery runs out. It is also interesting that the G Watch does not turn off its display when not in use, so this statement is rather bold.

I have to say that I’m impressed by its looks, and would really like to get my hands on it. With a little luck, that moment will come sooner rather than later.¬†We’ll just have to wait and see if the new LG G Watch will “define” the smart watch later this month, when the full unveiling is expected. Until then, we can just admire it in the video below.