Lords of the Fallen – Leaked footage emerges

Lords of the Fallen has started to get attention worldwide in the past few months, in part thanks to the trailers Deck 13 and CI Games have released recently. But we all know by now that everything that is released via trailers is heavily scripted and/or choreographed in order to make the game look better than it can be in real world situations. That’s why the leaked footage that pops up online from various sources is becoming more and more desired by the gaming community, and the latest Lords of the Fallen gameplay video should put anyone who had any doubts about it at ease.

The game seems to do well on its promises, delivering the same style of gameplay we’ve seen in the trailers. The focus seems to be on duels, the main hero fighting only one enemy at a time. Each trailer for the game has shown us a boss battle, and this leaked footage is no exception. The player fights the so-called “Champion”, a huge brute of a warrior that can and will smash the puny hero in a second if he’s not careful. Judging by the voices and the cheering crowd, the footage seems to be recorded from Poland’s CD-Action EXPO.

If you’ve just seen the first footage of Lords of the Fallen and see a certain resemblance to a game called Dark Souls, nobody will blame you. The game’s developers name-called the Souls series when promoting the game in the past, and they seem to target the same audience. Lords of the Fallen doesn’t have a set release date as of now, but is confirmed for release in 2014. The platforms targeted are the now usual suspects: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You can watch the leaked footage below, thanks to All Games Beta:

Has the new footage made you more interested in Lords of the Fallen, or did it wash away some of its appeal?