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Wolfenstein: The New Order has a branching storyline

In an era when shooters tend to focus almost exclusively on online features, Wolfenstein: The New Order dares to be a single player only game. Considering that most FPS experiences in recent memory have had campaigns that last 4 to 6 hours, the fact that Machine Head claims that their game has about 20 hours of gameplay AND also has a branching storyline is almost too good to be true for single player fans.

In a recent Reddit AMA, creative director Jens Matthies revealed that the game can be as long as some RPGs for those who bother to explore: “”If you collect everything and explore everywhere I think a single play through could end up close to 20 hours”. He also says that the team tried to create a single player game that also has some replay value, trying to keep the players engaged even after they finish the storyline.

“We’ve built in lots of replay value. Most notably is that the player makes a choice early on the outcome of which opens up an alternate time line which changes the vibe of the story. It’s recommended to do a second play through and see what would have happened if you chose differently”, said Matthias. We’ve heard about the fact that there are different choices in the game in the past, but because we’re talking about a first person shooter, most people thought it’s not such a big deal. It seems that the choices available truly change the tone of the game, so we can add “branching storyline” to the list of features for game.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t really know how long it will take a normal player to run through the story without exploring all optional areas, but it still seems that we’re looking at a game with a run time longer than the average of recent video games.


Wolfenstein: The New Order will come out this month on the 20th for current and last-gen platforms. The game was confirmed for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately for Wii U owners, the game is not coming to the Nintendo platform.

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