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iPhone 6 to have a 1704×960 display resolution

According to recent rumors, the iPhone 6 may feature a higher resolution display, exceeding the 1136×640 on the iPhone 5S with a sharp 1704×960 resolution. This would result in a 416 ppi display on the 4.7-inch version and a 356 ppi on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

The fact that Apple might go with a larger display for the iPhone 6 has been causing a lot of discussion regarding the resolution Apple will use. When a rumor suggested the iPhone 6 will have the same resolution as the iPhone 5S, many said that a drop of the pixel density of the enlarged display would be inevitable and so, the display would be miles below the bar for a Retina screen. So stretching the display and thus dropping the pixel density would have been a bad move from Apple considering the iPhone 6 is said to be the next flagship.

So, in order to avoid further discussion and to increase the pixel density of an enlarged display, Apple could also increase the resolution, even if this means all work and no play for app developers, assuming they want to ensure the compatibility with the new iPhones. A month ago it’s been rumored that Apple will stick to the 325 ppi pixel density by adding a 1334×750 resolution to the 4.7-inch model.

Apple could also move forward with a higher resolution. It’s said that the new display will triple the number of pixels. So from the base resolution of 568×320 the iPhone 6 will enter the 3X mode and feature a 1704×960 resolution display. This way the display will have a 416ppi pixel density, thus maintaining the 16.9 ratio of the iPhone 5S.

Using this method Apple will be tripling the base 1X resolution in both length and width, meaning the screen resolution on the iPhone 6 is increased by 150% from the current 1136×640 resolution on the iPhone 5S display. Apple has been testing this 3X resolution, but as the specs for the future flagship are far from complete we’re not certain the iPhone 6 will indeed feature such a display. It’s been rumored the Iphone 6 will feature an improved camera and a faster A8 processor also, so until the most expected launch sometime this fall, we’ll have to be patient.

Considering nothing is yet certain, it’s entirely possible that Apple will choose to follow another path regarding the display and other specifications for its iPhone 6. But it would be awesome if the iPhone 6 turns out to have all the rumored features, especially the 3X display resolution.



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