New Outlook plugin allows users to schedule Hangout videos

The internet giant has released a plugin for Microsoft Outlook today which allows Google Apps for Business users to schedule Hangout videos with other company members. To install this useful feature just go the link that was put at your disposal, click Download Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, then run the executable file. Note that you must have administrator privileges in order to install it.

This Microsoft Outlook plugin normally requires companies to use Google Apps for Business, but there is still a way to make use of it even if they don’t. Non-Google Apps customers can use Chromebox to organize video meetings with other users. Company members that plan on using this method are required to provide a network domain name when purchasing Chromebox for meetings. This is important because video calls can only be made between devices that are also within the specified domain. Users that are outside the organization’s domain can be invited to participate but they must have either a Gmail or Google Apps account, and also a Google+ profile.

On the other hand, customers who do use Google Apps for Business benefit from some additional features. This includes Google Calendar integration, wireless screensharing, and Hangout scheduling. A free 12 month trial is available for 10 accounts per domain but it requires you to follow a certain sign-up procedure. If you want to find out what steps are necessary in order to benefit from this trial you can click here.

In other Google related news, the company has recently revealed the full schedule for their annual I/O developers’ conference. The event takes place in San Francisco, California during June 25-26 and will feature multiple in-depth sessions focused on Google’s latest web-building, mobile and enterprise applications. Three of the sessions will focus on Android Wear devices so make sure you check out the schedule and details here if you happen to be interested in this rapidly emerging market.