Samsung’s VR handset plans to beat Oculus Rift and Morpheus!

From smartphones to Smart TVs, from smartwatches to air conditioners, Samsung wants everything to be connected and virtual. The Korean company is not fooling around when it comes to technology, advance and innovation.  This time, they are working on a VR device that will be released at the end of 2014, determined to be the Oculus Rift’s and Sony’s Project Morpheus competition.  The virtual reality handset device will cost less than the competition’s devices and it will be paired with future phones and tablets that will be released by the same company. Rumors have it that the VR’s display will have a display of 1080p, OLED panel.  We can’t wait to see images of the prototype!

The Oculus Rift was invented in 2012 and so far developers can buy the second developer kit at 350$. The consumer’s version is rumored to cost less than 300$ but this fact will still be unknown until early 2015, when the product will become available.  Oculus VR has raised 91 million dollars for the development of the Rift. In June 2013, a 1080p version of it was presented at the E3 and an updated prototype called “Crystal Cove” was unveiled in January 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show. The last version includes a new motion tracking system with an external camera which tracks infrared dots located on the headset.  In order to be able to use the device, games and game platforms need to be designed to work correctly with Oculus Rift, so probably it will work best with games designed from now on. Of course, Oculus helps developers out and is producing a software development kit (SDK) to assist developers with integrating the device with their games.

Sony’s Project Morpheus will also be released in 2015. On the 18th of March 2014, Sony’s president Shuhei Yoshida introduced the device and some of its specs. This VR also has a display that features 1080p resolution. According to him, the Morpheus will shape the future of the games. Regarding the next Samsung device, it will be designed for Android games,  that will be developed in the near future in order to create a second reality for gamers.