Hearthstone World Championships will be held at BlizzCon 2014

A few days ago Blizzard revealed that the first edition of the Hearthstone World Championships will be held at this year’s BlizzCon. The tournament features a total prize pool of $250.000, with the winner receiving the generous sum of $100.000. The rest of the money will be split among the other top 15 players as follows: 2nd place takes home $50K, 3rd and 4th each get $15K, 5th through 8th each place receive $7.500, and 9th through 16th place will get $5.000 each.

In order to participate at the BlizzCon live event one must first compete in the Regional Qualifiers. The Americas, Europe, China, and Korea/Taiwan regions will each have their own sets of rules for qualifying. “Starting with Ranked Play Season 1, the best players from around the world will represent their region and battle it out Hearthstone style to decide who will become the Hearthstone World Champion.”

A total of 130 players will be participating in the Americas and Europe Qualifier Tournament. The top 16 Legend players from each Ranked Play Season from April through August will receive invitations to participate. The remaining slots will then be filled through community and Last Call tournaments. Rules for the China and Korea/Taiwan Qualifier Tournaments are a bit different, you can read all about them here. Bottom line is that the top 4 players from each regional qualifier will get to participate at the Hearthstone World Champions held at BlizzCon 2014.

A Hearthstone tournament was held last year at BlizzCon as well, although it was a lot smaller in scope. Also, the game was still in Beta back then and only eight players were invited to participate. Dubbed The Inkeeper’s Invitational, it was the first ever Hearthstone tournament and was won by Starcraft 2 caster and former Starcraft: Brood War player, Daniel “Artosis” Stemkoski. His “Artosis Curse” Priest deck helped him a lot with this endeavor, you can view the deck list below.

  • Circle of Healing × 2
  • Holy Smite × 2
  • Northshire Cleric × 2
  • Power Word: Shield × 2
  • Shadow Word: Pain × 2
  • Shadow Word: Death
  • Auchenai Soulpriest × 2
  • Holy Nova × 2
  • Holy Fire × 2
  • Prophet Velen
  • Lightwarden × 2
  • Injured Blademaster × 2
  • Spellbreaker × 2
  • Abomination
  • Argent Commander × 2
  • Ragnaros the Firelord

Hearthstone has undergone a lot of changes since then and this particular deck isn’t all that popular anymore. Actually, the Priest itself hasn’t seen a lot of use lately and is now one of the least played classes. Rogues, Warlocks, and Shamans are the most popular in the current meta, but this changes almost on a weekly basis. So what’s your favorite class and who’s your favorite player? Leave you comments in the section below.