Oppo N1 Mini images leaked one day before release

The Oppo N1 Mini will be officially announced tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing the device today. A few images presenting Oppo’s latest handset in all its miniature glory were leaked a short while ago. While a shrunken version of the Oppo N1 is indeed welcomed, its name can be a bit deceiving.

Oppo N1 Mini’s display measures no less than 5-inches so the device is not exactly small as you can probably imagine. On the other hand, its bigger brother features a (very big for a smartphone) 5.9-inch panel. By comparison, I guess we can say that Oppo’s upcoming handset can be considered a Mini, even if its actually bigger than many similar devices. The screen size reveals a very interesting trend among manufacturers, which seem to think bigger is better. I’m not necessarily of the same opinion, but I am curious to see just how big smartphones will get in the next few years if this continues. Design-wise, the Oppo N1 Mini appears to be very similar to its sibling, the same can not be said about its specs though.

The Mini’s 5-inch display only comes with 720p resolutions, lower than the N1’s 1080p. Some other known specs include a 13MP rotatable camera with LED flash, 2140 mAh battery, LTE support, and 4G connectivity. Aside from this, we don’t really have much to go on so we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for the full list of specifications and features. We do know however that the device will come in pastel blue, pink, and yellow variants at launch. It is said that black and white colors will also be available at some point, however this was not confirmed by Oppo.

A main selling point for the Oppo N1 Mini will most likely be the camera, which not only rotates but can also take 50 MP photos. Oppo’s Find 7 was the first phone capable of this feat, and the way the Chinese company managed this is quite ingenious. The device has a Super Zoom mode which rapidly takes multiple pictures and merges 10 of them in order to create the 50MP image. The very same camera will be available on the N1 Mini as well if sources are correct. Its other specs will probably not be all that impressive as its assumed that this will be more of a mid-range device.

No mention has been made regarding the price point, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. Stay tuned for more news and updates.