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Android 4.4.3 arrives for Moto X, E and G, HTC One (M7) and Galaxy S4 GP

After the Nexus devices started to receive their Android 4.4.3 update, now it’s time for the Motorola X, G and E to receive the newest KitKat treatment. To be more specific, the T-Mobile Moto X, the US and Brazilian Moto G and the US Moto E devices will get the update for now. The new KitKat update is not a big one, but it will offer new people and dialer apps, better security and battery life. The new update will bring an improved Motorola alert app, better camera performance for the Moto X and the ability to pause video recordings on the Moto X and Moto G. It’s still good news that Motorola managed to push out and update for all three devices in a week and hopefully other variants will get their Android 4.4.3 update soon.

We also received reports that about Android 4.4.3 arriving for the HTC One (M7) and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition. It’s expected that many Google Play edition devices will get the Android 4.4.3 in the coming weeks, even the older ones. HTC posted the kernel source code for the HTC One (M7) but also for the HTC One (M8) so an update is expected for both its devices any time now. It seems that the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition will also join the Android 4.4.3 party. Today it’s raining with updates!

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