The Newest and Best Diablo 1 Overhaul You Probably Never Heard About

Back in 2012 a small hobby-based project surfaced on the internet, a Diablo 1 overhaul, that gathered quite a cult. It is very important to note that it was a cult, because although they were not many, they were extremely devoted. The project was coined from the idea of Diablo 1’s Awakening mod. Awakening was a complete overhaul that added certain improvements to the vanilla game including new levels and items.

This new overhaul, however, is even more advanced than the Awakening mod. It has been codenamed Belzebub a few months ago and it is developed by a programmer nicknamed BrightLord. The author is from Poland and he numerously posted on the newly-created forums of the mod that he pursues this project only as a hobby. Development is slow, but very-very detailed whilst the amount of new content is vast. It is important to note that it is only compatible with the original Diablo, not the Hellfire expansion developed by Sierra. Nevertheless, certain spells and mechanics have been implemented from Hellfire (such as Lightning Wall or faster town walk). The mod adds support to left-mouse-button spell casting, adds belts (items previously unavailable in Diablo 1), graphical merchant interfaces, a gambling system, rare items, set items and much more. The official list of updates drawn from the site is this:

• Increased resolution and support for panoramic screens
• Fully integrated with new windows systems
• Many user interface improvements
• New hero classes Barbarian, Assassin and Necromancer
• All quests which were missing from original game are now implemented
• Four difficulty levels available in single player
• New locations
• New special and randomly generated bosses
• New spells
• New character skills
• New item types and affixes
• 204 unique items
• 28 sets with 105 set items
• 170 crafting recipes
• Great number of minor gameplay changes
• And many more…

Project Belzebub is a very fan-based community and BrightLord continuously checks in to review fan complaints and suggestions. The mod clearly deserves more highlight because the updated systems of the classic are just beyond fascinating. Every true RPG, hack n’ slash and most of all, Diablo fan should check this mod out, install it, and do a complete playthrough! The old secret quests originally abandoned by Blizzard Entertainment are all implemented and redesigned. Although this is officially a mod, it adds tons of new things, far more than Hellfire has ever achieved. Go and check it out now on the official mod website.