iPhone Manufacturers Hiring Thousands To Prepare For iPhone 6 Production

Production on Apple’s next iPhone appears to be imminent, as two of the Chinese manufacturers that produce the hardware have taken to hiring a large number of people in order to better handle the task. Hon Hai Precision (better known outside of China as Foxconn Technology) and Pegatron Corp. are both reportedly upping their staff count for the still unannounced iPhone 6. Economic News Daily (via Reuters) states that Foxconn will hire over 100,000 people to build 70% of the phone, while Pegatron seeks to increase its own workforce by at least a third to handle the remaining 30%. For both companies, the new batch of hirings will be the largest ever seen in the country.

That being said, neither Foxconn nor Pegatron commented on the matter. Apple, meanwhile, has kept quiet about its next iPhone, but a few details have surfaced, along with the expectation that it will release the new phone sometime this Fall. Previous reports continue to claim that the iPhone 6 will come in two variations –one with a 4.7 inch display and another with a larger 5.5-inch display– though at different times separated by a couple of months.

Earlier this month, a number of images of the supposed iPhone 6 leaked from various sources. However, they were only of the smaller 4.7-inch, with the larger model still managing to go unseen. Expect Apple to officially announce the iPhone 6 in the coming months, though, if only to continue the trend of its release schedules. Alongside the iPhone 6, the company is also developing the iWatch, which will come with a sapphire display of its own, though production appears to have slowed until the screen is up to Apple’s standards.

Prior reports say the company wants to ship anywhere between 10-15 million of the smartwatch in this year alone, with the expected release month set for October.