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Luxury Google Glass

Luxury Google Glass Gets First U.S. Third-Party Retailer

Just when you thought Google Glass might be out of your price range, NET-A-PORTER.COM, a specialty online luxury fashion retailer, has begun offering luxury designs of Google Glass to U.S. customers, becoming the first third-party retailer to offer the technology. The website is selling a limited number of DVF Made for Glass optical and sunglass styles that were designed by Diane von Furstenberg for $300 more than the typical MSRP of Google Glass. These limited-edition designs will be sold exclusively by the online retailer. NET-A-PORTER will have five different color options to choose from including black, green, plum, brown and white. Each color option also comes with eight different shade options. Google Glass will be sold in a bundle which will include Glass, a frame and shade, a mono earbud, and a case for $1,800.

“We are thrilled to offer Glass to our tech-savvy customers who are true leaders and innovators in style and lifestyle,” says Natalie Massenet, Founder and Chairman of The NET-A-PORTER Group. “We pride ourselves on leading the way in delivering the best in service, product, and technology and we are excited to bring Google Glass to our US customers, ahead of the Glass consumer release.”

Google Glass provides wearers with a visual-based, hands-free connected world. Although the product is still in its early stages, and has quite a hefty price tag, it is still being touted as a “game-changer” for Google. Forbes recently discussed the upside potential of Google Glass, citing the major increase in interest in the wearable technology category over the past year.

NET-A-PORTER was launched in 2000 and has established itself as a top online luxury fashion shop, selling high-end brands such as Givenchy, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Now, the company will add Google Glass to its lineup. All five of the specialized designs offered by NET-A-PORTER can be viewed on their official website.

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