Microsoft Will Pay Up To $650 When Trading Macbook Air For Surface Pro 3

If you find yourself to be bored with your Macbook Air and the Surface Pro 3 is something you’re eager to pick up, then you, my friend, are perfect for Microsoft’s new plan that involves trading in a Macbook for the company’s new laptop/tablet hybrid. Expiring on July 31, 2014, Microsoft is offering up to $650 in store credit to those that trade in select Macbook Air models with the intent to purchase a shiny new Surface Pro 3. The company claims that you’ll be getting “the best of a laptop and the best of a tablet,” so just get to your nearest Microsoft Store (if it’s not too much of a hassle) and hand over your used Macbook Air.

Of course, the hardware has to power on and be in a decent working condition, and you’re responsible for wiping it clean before turning it over. Should the Macbook be suffering from any kind of water damage or feature a cracked screen, Microsoft will decline the trade-in. The Surface Pro 3 currently comes in a variety of models, with the base (cheapest) configurationĀ being the 64GB with an Intel i3 processor for $799. But, if you’re in the mood to go all in with Microsoft’s latest Surface, there’s the 512GB/Intel i7 model for a hefty $1,949.

“Barely tipping the scales at 1.76 pounds, the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 has all the power and performance of a premium laptop in a thin and lightweight design,” readsĀ the offering’s page. “It also comes with the all-new Surface Pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience.” How much you get for trading in a Macbook Air depends on the laptop’s model and overall condition, but if you’re up for jumping from Apple laptops to Microsoft ones, this doesn’t seem like too bad of an option. You’ve got until the end of next month to decide.