A new version of Android will be announced tomorrow at I/O

Google has given us one more thing to be excited for at  tomorrow’s Google I/O conference: a new version of Android.

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek interview with the new Android chief, Sundar Pichai, Google and Pichai “Want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” and will reportedly unveil the next version of Android’s OS. He said that Google was doing this to make it easier for device developers to prepare for fall releases. It is heavily rumored the new OS will be something L-named, following the alphabetical trend Jellybean and KitKat started in previous releases. Android will presumably stick with naming their iterations of the Android OS after sweets, so it most likely will be called Lollipop, Licorice, or something similar.

Also revealed in the interview is that the new television-based OS called Android TV will be announced tomorrow as well. After the failure of the Google TV service, Google and Android are looking to replace it with a cleaner, more accessible operating system for set top boxes, with simple apps and little clutter. The living room has become an invaluable place for tech companies to leave their mark, as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG’s webOS platform, and even Sony and Microsoft’s gaming consoles are looking for new ways to find their way into consumers’ homes. Android Wear, Google’s wearable tech OS, was also discussed, and is expected to make an appearance at the I/O conference. LG, Motorola, and even Samsung were all reported to have devices utilizing the OS, and all are rumored to show up as well.

It looks like this may be the busiest I/O conference we’ve seen in a while, as Google is going full steam ahead in a plethora of product markets. As excited as we are, we are still a day away from seeing all the things Google has to show us. The conference begins tomorrow at 9 am PDT, so stop by then for more Google I/O coverage.