Verizon Outage Causing Customer Outrage

Verizon Wireless is having severe network problems that are affecting a majority of their customers in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern part of the United States. Many customers have taken to social media sites (both Twitter and Facebook) to attack Verizon’s customer service looking for answers and solutions. Naturally, Verizon has offered no solution, simply telling customers “we are expecting it to be up in an hour”–they’ve been saying this for the past two days.

Verizon has yet to release an official statement on the matter, leaving customers to draw their own conclusions on the matter. According to Verizon’s social media teams, the update is a “scheduled update.” This “scheduled update” is leaving customers unable to pay their bill or login to their account, with many users reporting that they have no cell service at all.

If you visit Verizon’s official Facebook page, you’ll notice users complaining about being ignored by the company’s customer service. Verizon will acknowledge complaints, saying “private message us” and the like, but will not respond to the private messages. Now, it’s clear that Verizon’s brand management is spiraling out of control. In fact, users have begun using the hashtag #VerizonOutage to express their outrage over how Verizon is handling the situation–not the type of PR that you want if you’re a major cell phone company that thrives or dives with your brand image.

People are now suggesting that the breach of contract may be grounds for termination without an early termination fee–which is otherwise impossible if you’re a Verizon customer. Since we’re all left to draw our own conclusions on exactly what is going on with Verizon’s service right now, I, personally, believe that Verizon may have become victim to a hacker. Now, customers are only left to do nothing but wonder if the company¬†will somehow impose one of their infamous fees on themselves for¬†the Verizon outage.