Battlefield Hardline improved thanks to community feedback

It would appear that Visceral Games are taking their job seriously and have decided to bring a host of improvements to Battlefield Hardline based on the feedback they received from beta testers. The company just started a new initiative called CMW – Community’s Most Wanted. This is where they will list some of the most important improvements and fixes for the upcoming game, as requested by the players. Number one on the list is movement. Viscersal says they have received a lot of feedback from beta testers regarding this and the general consensus is that movement feels rather slow and “sluggish”. The company are improving this aspect by increasing player speed by 10%. Players will also get a +10% bonus for running with their pistols out.

Another major change is directed at the Survivalist gadget. Many players felt it was a bit overpowered and Visceral happens to agree. They have changed it so that it now revives you at 1 HP and auto-injects after 5 seconds. Also, the company says they will soon add more special drivable vehicles to Battlefield Hardline on all maps. Speaking of vehicles, players will have the possibility of unstucking them in the near future by using a melee attack. These seem to be the highlights of CMW, but you can read about the rest of the changes below.

  • SUPPRESSION: There were a lot of negative comments about the camera “bounce” when suppressed. We’ve changed the way suppression works – your aimpoint is no longer affected, but your situational awareness is.
  • HIGH TENSION – CRANE CAMERA SHAKE: A number of people called out the camera shake from this event as being too over the top. We’re tuning this down.
  • HIGH TENSION – STAIRS IN HIGH TENSION BUG: Stairs in High Tension should no longer pull players into the wall.
  • ELEVATED OBJECTIVES: We’ve added some feedback to help you find the objective when it’s above or below you.
  • HEAVY VEHICLE DAMAGE: We’ve added “weak spots” in the rear of the heavily armored vehicles, making it much easier to bring them down!
  • VEHICLE OCCUPANT LIST: We’re working on adding the Bag Carrier icon to the list of teammates inside your vehicle, so that you can tell when the bag carrier gets in your vehicle.

Visceral Games promises that this is just the beginning and player feedback will continue to be taken into consideration up until the release of Battlefield Hardline and beyond. Battlefield Hardline will be released on October 21st for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and the PC.