Final The Wolf Among Us episode coming next week

Telltale Games has announced that The Wolf Among Us will be releasing next week across all platforms. Those playing on the PlayStation 3 and PC will be able to download the game on July 8 while Xbox owners will have to wait until July 9. It will become available on iOS devices on July 10. The episode is priced at $4.99, although it is included in the season pass that bundles all five episodes together at a slightly discounted price.

The Wolf Among Us is a fantasy adventure game based on the Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham. It features the familiar point-and-click gameplay that Telltale has become famous for, as players control Bigby Wolf through a series of stories set in the Fables universe as he investigates a serial murderer. The four previous episodes of The Wolf Among Us have all released to a positive critical reception. However, episode 4, which released in May, was widely seen as the most disappointing entry.

Telltale Games have become known for their graphic adventure games over the past decade, despite releasing several titles from other genres. Their biggest hit was the Walking Dead. Based on the graphic novel of the same name it saw players take up the role of Lee Everett as he and others attempt to survive after the zombie apocalypse. The sequel is currently on its third episode, which released in May.

The publisher is going through an incredibly busy time as the moment. As well as working on The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead they also recently announced they were working on two additional titles. Tales from the Borderlands is a crossover of Gearbox Software Borderlands series. It will see players explore the planet of Pandora after the defeat of Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. The other game being worked on is a Game of Thrones graphic adventure. Ty Corey Franck, the personal assistant to series author George R. R Martin, will be acting as a story consultant on the project. Little else has been revealed about the two projects.