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iPhone 5s best selling smartphone in 35 countries

Recently most of the Apple-related news revolved around the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6. It’s no secret that everybody is eagerly anticipating the release of the company’s latest flagship, but we shouldn’t forget about their current devices either. The iPhone 5s for example could be easily overlooked by many given that it was released about 9 months ago already. However, the smartphone is still among the most popular handsets on the market, or maybe even the most popular according to research done by Counterpoint Technology Market Research. The study shows that the iPhone 5s ranks number one in their top 10 best selling smartphones.

Although the research was only revealed yesterday, this study shows the results for the month of May 2014. This is important to note because a lot could have changed since then. Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that the research was done in 35 countries so the results might not accurately reflect worldwide sales.That being said, there’s no denying that the iPhone 5s is still extremely sought after and is selling very well even now. The biggest surprise is perhaps the fact that until May – and maybe even after – the iPhone 5s managed to sell more units that even the Samsung Galaxy S5, which ranked second.

Since then the Samsung Galaxy S5 reportedly sold a few more million units, but we don’t know if that’s enough the match the sales of the iPhone 5s. As we’ve mentioned, the latter has been launched about 9 months ago while the Galaxy S5 has only been around for about 3 months or so. Although the Korean company didn’t manage to snag first place back in May, they did manage to also grab the third one with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the fourth with Samsung Galaxy Note 3. They also secured the eight position with Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the tenth place with the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Apple also appears in the top 10 with a couple more devices of their own. The iPhone 5c ranks fifth while immediately behind it comes the iPhone 4s, which grabs sixth place. Surprisingly enough the remaining two positions are secured by Xiaomi with their MI3 (7th place) and Hongmi Redrice (9th place) models. We’re not seeing any devices from other big manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Motorola, or Sony in this top 10, which is a little strange. I would have thought that at least one of their smartphones would have made the top, but I guess not.

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