Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas release date announced

Blizzard was finally kind enough to announce the release date for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion. Curse of Naxxramas will be arriving on July 22th, which means that we’re only five short days away from getting our hands on it. Pricing was already revealed earlier this month so all that remains now is to be patient and wait. Curse of Naxxramas – A Hearthstone Adventure will feature five different wings that will open in the following order: Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter, Construct Quarter, and Frostwyrm Lair. You can obtain permanent access to the Arachnid Quarter for free if you play during the launch event, which lasts about a month or so.

The other wings will cost you $7 or 700 gold each and will open on a weekly basis after the gates are opened. Completing each wing will grant you brand new cards to add to your collection including a few Legendary ones. There are a total of 30 new cards to unlock, many of which have not been revealed yet. Coincidentally, most of these cards will revolve around the Deathrattle mechanic, which seems fitting given that you’ll be battling inside a necropolis. Curse of Naxxramas also adds nine unique challenges, one for each class, a unique game board while playing the adventure and a new card back.

The card back will only be awarded to those skilled enough to complete the Curse of Naxxramas Heroic Mode. “Once you’ve defeated all of the bosses within any given wing for the first time, you’ll unlock the Heroic mode of that wing. Heroic mode bosses are significantly more difficult than their normal versions, and they will prove to be a challenge for even the most veteran Hearthstone players. Defeating all of the bosses in Naxxramas on Heroic mode will unlock a new card back for your collection.”

Curse of Naxxramas will be available for PC, Mac, and iOS.