Android running devices pre-loaded with the new Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Launcher, which has so far been available only for the Nexus family, has now become the built-in launcher of future ZTE devices. The first device to have the Google Now Launcher available is the Blade Vec 4G by ZTE. The device will be running Android 4.4 pre-loaded with the Google Now Launcher and sets the stage for other manufacturers in adopting the new User Interface. ZTE’s CEO has emphasized the company’s strong relationship with Google and Qualcomm Technologies in their effort to create affordable premium devices that live up to even the most pretentious tech geeks’ exectations.

The Blade Vec 4G has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with integrated multi-mode (4G,3G) supported by three modes: 4G LTE-FDD, 3G UMGS/TD-SCDMA) and 9 radio frequency bands. The ZTE device features are complimented by the Google Now Launcher in its voice recognition control functions, making the device the first systemic terminal voice control solution. The features of the device include advanced voice command functionality, including phone unlocking, dialing and answering calls, playing music, navigational controls, taking photos and more.

Coupled with the new Google Now Launcher, the ZTE device comes with carious benefits for users ranging from a visually impressive UI, unlimited homescreens, hotwords, widgets and embellishments and multiple incorporated language support and promises fast computing and connection. The Blade Vec 4G will be launched in Hong Kong on the 24th of July at an official press conference along with another premium device with Google benefits. ZTE plans to pre-load all their future devices witb the Google Now Launcher setting the stage for Google’s ever growing empire.