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Free All Access passes for Chromecast ‘s birthday!

It has been a year since Chromecast has been launched by Google and the giant decided to celebrate the occasion by giving away free all access passes to Chromecast subscribers that are available until September 30th. The all access passes refer to Google Play Music and are available from today in the U.S.  But, like anything that comes free of charge, this offer has its catches, too. The offer is not available for those who have participated in free trials and needs confirmation of ownership of a Chromecast device via casting to it from your PC.

Google has announced on their blog that updates will be coming soon to Chromecast, such as the ability to allow others to cast to your TV without having to be on the same WiFI network and promised users customizable homescreens. The updates will be installed automatically for all users upon their launch, so you should expect to see these new features soon.

Chromecast is a streaming device which lets you enjoy your entertainment from your mobile device on a big screen TV. This past year, Google has made hundreds of apps available on Chromecast, making it possible to watch Youtube videos, Google Play videos, streaming content from apps like Zonga, ESPN, Hulu and Pandora right on your TV, thanks to the Chromecast SDK. Google has reported that they have sold millions of Chromecast devices the past year and have tracked well above 400 million casts worldwide. The media streamer is now being sold in 20 countries and Google has distributed the device to about 30k stores all over the world.

The giveaway comes as a reward and acknowledgment of the substantial progress Chromecast has made in a brief year since its public launch. Be sure to check the offer out here.

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