Lenovos’s new smart glasses prototype debuts

Lenovo is following in Google’s footsteps and has decided to create the first prototype of the smart glasses they have designed. Lenovo has been tampering with different technologies, straying from their tradition laptop and PC domains, wanting to get in on the action that has been going on in the mobile and wearable device markets, which are booming nowadays. Lenovo has been working on smart TVs and tablets for quite some time, but they have always focused on Asian markets at first, releasing their devices in Europe and the U.S. considerably later, but we hope this will not be the case with the new smart glasses they are developing. The Motorola 360 watch is said to be launched soon this year, making the deal between Motorola and Lenovo official and final.

The new smart glasses are said to look just like Google Glass, with the slight difference of having a hanging battery pack, not the behind-the-ear one Glass is sporting. There hasn’t been much details regarding hardware released, but information is to be released around October, according to various insiders. The glasses’ prototype was shown at a tech event in Korea, where Lenovo presented other devices and plans as well, working on the NBD platform. The company’s goal is to work with more manufacturers and developers and attract their interest in order to enter various tech markets like air purifiers and wireless routers they are co-developing with other Chinese companies.

Besides Lenovo’s own smart glasses prototype, the NBD platform is partnering with U.S. smart glasses maker Vuzix to bring its own product, the M100 (Android 4.0.4, 1 GHz dual-core) to China and it will allegedly go on sale to developers for 8,000 yuan ($1298) in August or September, and is meant for business users.