Meet SWIP3: the first game for Android Wear

The Android Wear category has been stacked with specific apps and wearable device users are satisfied with the way the OS works, but there haven’t been games designed for the OS so far. SWIP3 is the first game specifically designed for wearable devices, and it is a standard swiping game where you have to match colored blocks in rows and columns; and you can also compete with others on the leader boards.

The game can also be played on mobile devices as well, so you can take your time swiping blocks no matter what device you have on you. The fact that the game allows you to use it on wearable devices shows that there is always remedy for boredom, even in the most dire situations, with the help of modern technology. SWIP3 has reported that some users have experienced installation difficulties resulting in black screens on their wearable devices, but developers say to pay attention to the installation instructions and the bugs will be found and remedied soon enough. The game still has obstacles in front, developers having to think of how to implement the game on the Moto 360 for example, which has round edges and will be launched in the following months.

Even though only a couple of weeks have passed since the Android Wear devices came into the limelight, developers have already thought of new ways to use the devices’ specs and function in order to come up with new technologies that diversify the technological domain itself. These and other innovations pave the way for the development of Android Wear and other devices, too. Perhaps it will lead to more interactive customization like themes and skins for your devices, as well. SWIP3 actually makes wearable devices more fun, yet trivial ways to harvest technology, since games might not be a necessity on (in) your smartwatch, rather a whim of the tech community that is enthusiastic about the novelty of it. In what ways this craving for novelty and progress will influence the mobile technology community isn’t predictable, but it is to be pursued with progress not profit in mind.