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PS4 update 1.75 finally adds 3D Blu-Ray support, Sony announces

PS4 owners rejoice! Sony officially announced that a new system software update is currently in the works and will be arriving sometime next week. This is great news considering that update 1.75 adds a feature that people were demanding for the longest time. Starting next week you will finally be able to watch Blu-Ray movies in 3D directly on your PS4. We don’t know the exact day when 1.75 will start rolling out, nor do we know if the update will come with some other features. But 3D Blu-Ray support was what most people were waiting for so anything else will just be a bonus.

It seems that the recently released 1.74 firmware update was just a preparation for the upcoming one after all, just as many of us suspected. A notorious leaker that goes by the name of Tidux revealed earlier that 3D support was initially coming to the PS4 with update 1.8, which is supposed to release around Gamescom. It seems that Sony pulled a fast one and decided to start rolling it out a little early. I’m pretty sure that no one will mind though. This decision might have been influenced by the fact that Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One will feature 3D Blu-Ray support once the August update kicks in. Needles to say, many PS4 owners were rather upset that their rival was getting the feature while they were not.

A lot of Sony fans were pretty unhappy that Micosoft is doing a much better job at supporting their console lately. The company stated that the monthly updates for the Xbox One will continue at least until October. Not only that, but they also seem to be slowly adding all the features requested by the community and are actively listening to any new suggestions. Meanwhile, Sony has been lagging behind when it comes to fulfilling the wishes of PS4 owners. Perhaps the Japanese company finally realized that the so-called console wars is a popularity contest after all and they seem to be losing ground. Not anymore however, as update 1.75 is certain to make the community happy and should definitely score them some brownie points.

There are still a lot of features that need to be implemented before all PS4 owners will be truly happy, but this seems like a step in the right direction. Rumor has it that 1.8 will be an even bigger update and we’re very excited to see what else will be added once it comes out.

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