Create your own Android gamepad with only $15

For those of you that don’t have gamepads available at home or anywhere else for that matter,  as you might still wake up to feeling in the mood for some gaming, there is a new option to turn your Android operating smart gadget into a gamepad without having to spend the extra cash to buy a dedicated controller.

Ideum has thought of updating its GestureWorks Gameplay virtual controller app with Android support, making it super easy for you to designate your phone or you tablet as the gamepad for your game. The app is fully customizable for each game you choose to play and it automatically re-configures itself when switching from game to game, skipping you the hassle of configuring the app more than once. GestureWorks Gameplay was first launched November 5, 2013 and has been improving ever since, adding platforms to support and constantly updating the application with games and fixes. You can play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Jazzpunk, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and many more thanks to the many contributors who have developed virtual controllers and shared them with other users so they could download via GestureWorks.

The app has been updated to support higher quality graphics and more complex games, so its database should be growing, encompassing more and more of the games you are interested in  or are eager to try out with the new virtual controller option. The GestureWorks Gameplay app is available for $15 at Steam in the near future, which is a bit expensive for just an app, but it does offer much more benefits than the average app does, letting you play almost any PC game using your virtual controller instead of buying or borrowing dedicated gamepads.

I suspect this app will seriously flare up and get popular because it offers the possibility of organizing a gaming party without having to obtain controllers or gamepads and once you purchase the app, you probably won’t need a peripheral controller ever again, so it would be well spent money and a good investment. The application’s main attractions are that is supports accelerometer and multi-touch gestures, at the same time being ideal for Windows 8 device users, as well. The fact that it will soon come to Android is a win-win for Android and for Ideum as well, since Android has surpassed Windows mobile OS for the time being, so GestureWorks has definitely tapped into a profitable market here. We hope it works as good as it does on Windows devices. I wonder if there will be a virtual controller you can use with PCs, Playstations and Xboxes in the near future, that would be great.