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Follow-up: Shamu specs and release date leaked

A few days ago, we’ve reported on the new nearly- 6 inch Nexus phone Motorola and Google were supposedly designing together and today, the rumors have been confirmed by various sources involved in development or in the companies.

Indeed, the Shamu has been in the shop ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo and decided upon Motorola as an OEM partner, thanks to tech the company devised such as Active Display technology and Touchless control in Android L. The approximate price of the phone is speculated to be around the same as it was for the Nexus 5, which sounds affordable enough for the technology Motorola and Google want to build into the phone. There are currently two new Nexus devices being designed, the HTC Nexus 9 and the Motorola Nexus 6 code-named Shamu, stealing the limelight from the Android Silver project which many say will remain buried under the Nexus program. Android Silver was originally imagined as a replacement for the Nexus and GPe programs,but with Google deciding to continue with Nexus since public opinion has been asking for it for a while now, the Android Silver might fall behind.



There has been various information leaked online about specs, price and release date of the Nexus 6 but all we know for certain is that the new phone is to be released sometime in November and will sport a massive 5.9 inch display, 13 MP primary camera,  fingerprint sensor and matte design. It has been rumored that Shamu’s design will be similar to LG G3 and the release date does coincide with Android L release, so we might be surprised by the Nexus 6 running a new Android OS with Material Design.

The Nexus line, while it has been rumored to be shut down by Google, seems to be floating around and will surely live on a while longer with the Motorola Nexus 6 and the HTC Nexus 9 tablet. It remains to be seen whether Android Silver will remain afloat in the future and which line will be more appreciated by high-end smartphone, phablet and tablet enthusiasts, although there has been criticism over Shamu’s size, many stating that it was just too big for a phone. On the other hand, having Material Design and Touchless control incorporated, the whale might just surface with a blast in November.


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