iPhone 6 is said to feature NFC

A new report regarding Apple’s iPhone 6 suggests the smartphone will be NFC capable and feature a new version of Wi-Fi connectivity. The NFC, known as near-field communication, could be one of the new features of the iPhone 6 considering the technology is often discussed, mostly because it can be used for mobile payments along with some other things. Rumors about Apple integrating NFC into its smartphones have popped-out for quite some time, even if the company never actually used this technology for a smartphone. So the iPhone 6 could be the first iPhone to feature NFC, considering the company is also said to unveil a new mobile payment service sometime soon.

Unfortunately for the iPhone 6, other smartphones are already featuring the NFC, so it won’t be that new on the market. Whether the device will or will not be NFC capable remains to be seen, but it would definitely be a good addition. Talking about connectivity, the report also said that the iPhone 6 will include the newest version of Wi-Fi, called 802.11ac. This particular WiFi connectivity is designed to support data-transfer rates of 1 gigabit/second, sending multiple streams of data from access points to devices. This feature is not as new we expected, because Apple has already used the technology for its MacBook Air line and AirPort routers. So did other rival companies, but considering the technology is still new on the market the iPhone 6 will have some bonus points, in what concerns connectivity.

Other rumors about what the iPhone 6 will feature suggest an amazing 13 MP camera and a sapphire display. The rumors about the 4,7-inch and the 5,5-inch versions having separate launches, are unlikely to be true. So are the rumors suggesting a Do Not Disturb extension, an improved app that feels when the user is asleep or exercises, and holds calls or emails until it feels the user is now available to respond. Apart from the iPhone 6, Apple is said to prepare a launch for its 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, and the new OS system for PC dubbed OS X Yosemite. A beta version of the Yosemite OS was released to one million members of the society for a better testing, so launching it later this year is highly expected. Regarding the launch date of the iPhone 6, latest rumors suggested a late September launch, even if the mid-September launch is still a possibility.