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iPad Air 2 leaks again, said to arrive one month after the iPhone 6

This Fall is going to be a very exciting one for Apple and the millions of people eager to get their hands on the company’s upcoming devices. Not only will they launch the iPhone 6 smartphone, but they will also launch the successor to the iPad Air, unsurprisingly named iPad Air 2. The original tablet was released back in November 2013 and is arguably still the most popular device in its class even now. While the amount of iPhone 6 rumors has certainly been plentiful – maybe even excessive – the same can not be said about the iPad Air 2. We don’t know a whole lot about the tablet’s specs at this point, or at least not as much as we would like to. Design-wise however, we can expect the device to be very similar to its predecessor if the leaks are to be believed.

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The latest leak comes from French outlet Now Where Else (via GSMArena) and showcases the iPad 2’s back cover. Apple seems to have moved the microphone closer to the camera and instead of two rows of holes, the speaker grill now only features one row. Aside from that we’re not seeing any notable changes, but this was to be expected. People generally like the design of the iPad Air so the Cupertino-based company didn’t have any reason to change it too much for the iPad Air 2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The front of the device is also expected to look rather similar, but we can expect to find a few modifications here as well. The most important change will likely be the addition of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a security feature that is also said to make its way to the iPhone 6.

Apple’s iPad Air 2 will also be a bit thinner than the current version and will come with a few hardware improvements. The two most notable ones come in the form of its 8MP rear-facing camera and its A8 chipset. By comparison, the iPad Air only comes equipped with a 5MP camera and A7 chipset. iPhone 6 is also rumored to feature the A8, as well as a host of other improvements over the current flagship. These include a bigger display measuring 4.7-inches, 13 MP camera with optical image stabilization, and the latest version of the iOS operating system among others.

Apple is expected to announce the device in mid-September with a launch to follow either in late September or mid-October. According to various sources, the iPad Air 2 will be launched a month or so after the iPhone 6. If this is true, the tablet should hit the market around late October or mid-November.

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