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Naughty Dog’s release of new DLC for The Last of Us made a lot of people angry

Naughty Dog announced a couple of new downloadable content packs for both the PS3 version of The Last of Us and the recently released PS4 version, The Last of Us Remastered. One of them is called the Grit and Gear Bundle, consists of six items and costs $6.99.  Then, there’s as Gestures bundle which includes three new gestures and is priced at $2.49, but you can also purchase each gesture individually. But this is just the beginning apparently as Naughty Dog also says that yet another bundle will be making its way to The Last of Us next week. This DLC goes by the name of Professional Sports Bundle and features seven new headgear pieces, all at the price of $7.99. But wait, there’s more! The company also says that new downloadable content will be released two weeks from now. This will consist of at least one new map and several new weapons.

Now, while this news sounds very exciting for some, not all players are happy to hear about the new DLCs. In fact, more than a few users on the PlayStation blog seem downright angry that Naughty Dog keeps asking for money. Granted, the company is not forcing anyone to buy additional content but still. The main complain is that The Last of Us Remastered doesn’t have a Season Pass option like the PS3 version did. Also, the Remastered version includes some of the DLCs from the PS3 version, but players claim they were lead to believe that it will include all of them. Another concern is that Naughty Dog will keep milking this game to death now that it’s also available on the PS4.

“So they made the game $49.99 to nickel and dime you to death. This isn’t right. And they don’t even give you a discount if you already own the game on PS3,” one user points out. Somebody else says: “Yay!!! The people love our game let’s shove some more DLC down their throat every 2 weeks is what I read.” Naughty Dog’s community strategist Eric Monacelli seems to resent some of these accusations and responds with “Ha. Not at all. We want you to play with new gear. Also, if you don’t want to buy now we have bundles and sales coming.” He also promises that ” We’ll have ways to get the DLC items in the future via bundles and sales.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. The release of The Last of Us Remastered definitely made a lot of people happy, but clearly the same can not be said about the announcement of more DLC. What do you guys think about all of this?

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