Leaked photo shows the backplate of the iPhone 6

Yesterday’s main event was the discovery of some pictures showing the new iPhone 6 in all its splendor. Still, we couldn’t figure out much about its design. The only thing clear enough to notice and argue was its thickness, which seemed to be visibly smaller compared to its predecessors. Yes, the iPhone 6 is thinner, a bit bigger and, as rumors suggested, better than the iPhone 5S. Today’s surprise comes from a recognized leaker, Sonny Dickson, who’s known for providing reliable infos about each and every Apple device. Its latest leak concerned the iPhone 5S, and whether he was lucky or not, he was totally right.

His new info is in fact another picture that shows, this time, the back side of the iPhone 6. The backplate of Apple’s future most wanted, shows the same beautiful, all-metal chassis all iPhones featured until now. The Apple logo sits proudly on the back, under the holes for the smartphone’s camera and flash. It’s not known what version of the iPhone 6 these images show, but it’s highly possible the chassis belongs to the 4.7-inch model. Not that we know for sure, but as some rumors suggested Apple will launch the 4.7-inch model sometime in September and the 5.5-inch model later this year, it’s only natural for the leaked images to show the first version.


Dickson has made a name for himself during the past years, after he gave away some infos that turned out to be true. Two of them had made him somewhat famous, namely the one regarding the iPhone 5S and the one about the iPads. Of course, not all his leaks turned out to be reliable, like many other rumors as a matter of fact, so him being wrong this time as well is only, let’s say 80% possible. He used to provide valuable information about many other devices until now, so we could say he’s one on the few believable sources. The only problem about any rumor concerning Apple, is that the company is knows for its secrecy, so pictures such as this don’t just appear on the internet. And as Apple declines to comment each and every time something like this poppes-out, it’s quite confusing for the most of us.