Sony launches PlayStation TV in the US and Europe

Sony finally announced the launch dates of its PlayStation TV micro-console, scheduled on 14 October in the US and 14 November in the UK and Europe. The micro-console was available in Japan since last year, but as Sony intents to take on other streaming TV consoles, launching the PS TV worldwide was only natural. Unlike Apple TV and Roku, PlayStation TV will also allow users to access PlayStation games with this console. Costing only 99 dollars in the US and 99 euros in Europe, PlayStation TV also comes with three games for you to enjoy.

Users will be allowed to access Sony’s games via Remote Play, and have access to Netfix and other third-party apps. Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, will also be available for users, but only in the US, while in Europe, the willing will have to wait until 2015. Considering Sony has announced the PlayStation TV at almost every event lately, waiting another year before the game-streaming service is also available in Europe and UK doesn’t seem so much to ask. Announced in a press conference at Gamescom trade fair, PlayStation TV has already convinced some analysts of its good prospects. The same analysts are rather optimistic regarding Sony’s latest attempt, even if lately, other game-streaming services have failed and started laying off their employees.

Even if the micro-console has great prospects, it’s not made for serious, dedicated gamers. It’s designed to be used in playing older PlayStation games, meaning no self-conscious gamer will ever purchase the PS TV for gaming. The fact that users can access and play games with this micro-console will never appeal to serious gamers, so Sony won’t gain much adding this feature to its streaming TV console. Anyway, it’s not like Sony has anything to lose, because this way the company will introduce a broader audience to PlayStation and focus on a wider, but lower income market. Considering Sony sold over 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles, which is better compared to its archenemy Xbox One from Microsoft, there’s no way launching PlayStation TV worldwide is a bad move.