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Steam Store changes coming soon

According to SteamDB, there might be a multitude of changes to the Steam store page. This has been discovered after searching through updates to the Steam Translation Server. The main changes consist in the addition of new content curation options and overhauling the front-page behavior. Also, additional upcoming changes have been revealed, as seen below:

  • Content Curation: this feature allows one user to recommend different games to their friends and followers. This acts similar to the way recommendations work on Facebook or Youtube, and shifts Valve’s responsibility of curating their platform to each individual user.
  • Two-step Authentication: more ways to authenticate will be added, allowing users to either use the Steam Mobile app or Google Authenticator. This change would be highly welcomed since the current login system is flawed and slow.
  • Personalized Frontpage: this allows for a better control over which games are shown on the Steam store page, for example, new games or DLC that you do not own yet.
  • Owned Highlighting:  this feature serves to create a distinction between games that you own and games that you don’t, in order to prevent users from buying more than one copy of the games they want.
  • Discovery Queue: filtering games by genre, it displays a better selection of games suited to your own style and preferences.
  • Search Revamp: this option will display more options about the games you are interested in. like number of players and operating system required.
  • Followed Games: similar to Facebook, allows to follow certain games and stay up-to-date.

The Steam Store is not the only feature to be getting a facelift, the Steam Library being overhauled as well. Unfortunately, none of the features above have been officially confirmed, but the fact that they were found within Steam’s servers, lends some credibility to this information. The Steam platform proves once again that it is ages ahead of similar services and hopefully these changes will surface soon.


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