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Guild Wars 2 will get a second Feature pack update

ArenaNet has been on hiatus since April, taking a break from releasing any content. Recently, they have resumed their activity and announced their September Feature Pack, its content still to be announced. Numerous changes have been teased by ArenaNet and for now, the developers seem to be focusing more on the PVP content. As stated by the Guild Wars 2 website, there will be many new implementations, ”from new tools for coordinating your tactics to new rewards for your valor”. Class changes are some of the key improvements, Guild Wars 2 finally receiving a balance overhaul. This is an important step, since there there have been complaints of some classes being more over-powered than others.

A new feature soon to be added will be Standard Enemy Models. Since the game consists of five races, each of them benefiting from different animations, it may be confusing for some players to react efficiently in real time, finding it difficult to discern abilities and anticipate enemy moves. Standard Enemy Models offers a solution to this issue. Players will find this option in the General Options tab. By enabling it, any enemy will appear as a human with standard weapons and armors, based on their profession.

Also, The Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series have been announced. ArenaNet defines it as “an international competitive PVP circuit that will provide three opportunities for the top teams from North America, Europe and China to traverse the globe and fight for their share of a $50,000 prize pool at each event”. This proves that ArenaNet takes PVP seriously, bringing it to a whole new level and finding new ways to motivate players into giving their best, although balancing the classes is a priority in order to avoid any sort of issues during the events.

The feature pack focuses on new and veteran players as well, “improving the Guild Wars 2 experience” for both parties and “rethinking the way they collect an trade items”. The September Feature Pack will launch on September 9th.


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