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Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft doesn’t intend to throw in the towel just yet

The latest console wars results show that Xbox One is taking quite a beating from the PS4 and have been doing so almost since the whole thing started. But Microsoft isn’t ready to call it a day just yet, and not only that, they actually plan on winning. Granted, this is quite a difficult task however Phil Spencer is confident that they can pull it off in the end. Microsoft’s head of Xbox acknowledges the fact that the Xbox One is currently “the underdog” against the PS4, but he also believes that this race is far from over.

“At some level, it is a competition, and I’ve said before I want to win,” Spencer stated in a recent interview with Game Informer. “At the same time, I want to build a great platform for gamers. If somebody else does that too, and they do really well? Hats off to them, but I can have success in our own space if we’re selling a lot of consoles and people are buying games.” As a PS4 owner himself, Spencer doesn’t want to see the console just outright disappear as that would be detrimental for the industry as a whole. Instead, his plan is a very simple one: keep selling more and more Xbox Ones until Microsoft sells more consoles than Sony. This would be a very good plan if not for the fact that Sony also wants to win and is currently doing a better job.

“We shipped at the same time and we’re in direct competition with the PS4,” he said. “I’m not going to duck that. I want to win. I want to win this generation, but I want to win more than I want the other guy to lose. I own a PS4, and it’s not like I want it to get dusty or not have games. But I do want to sell a lot of Xbox Ones, and for many people that’s a direct competition with the PS4. As the Xbox team, we are the underdog.” He is pretty confident that the true console wars are only just beginning, with the next few months being more important than the last in the grand scheme of things. “They beat us in June. They beat us in May. These months are small if you look at the sales,” Spencer explains. “I think the whole month of June is about one week in November. They’re winning, and they’ll do their PR around it, and that makes sense. The battle is really September, October, November, and December.”

EA said earlier this year that it expects a great PS4 vs Xbox One fight this Holiday and apparently Spencer is also of the opinion. Microsoft may be losing some battles, but can it win the war? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Anders

    It will be interesting to see how well they sell in their second priority countries but even with that I don’t think they will outsell PS4 and Destiny bundle. The winter months will be the toughest battle where we will see if that Halo collection is enough to bring their old 360 gamers to the new xbox.
    The biggest PS4 games are coming in the beginning of the new year.

  • starscream1180

    no wonder most my friends stopped reading n4g crap …

    these articles are ridiculous.

  • tsokos

    They beat you in July too , Spencer …

  • Corey

    So tired of the “winning” and the “console wars.”…….it’s just a big stadium for immature people to run a muck in.

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  • Life Goeson

    I can not take this article seriously when the writer makes a typo as simple as mixing up “are” and “our”. Even if one pronunciations English properly, these word do not sound the same. Then finally the typo was made while quoting someone? How am I supposed to even believe this is a legitimate quote? Please resign from journalism personally and professional. Thank you.

    • What are you even talking about? There is no such typo, but if you think there’s something wrong with the quote maybe you should wait until Game Informer comes back online and take it up with them. They are the original source of this article and the quote is exactly as seen on that website. You are the one who can not be taken seriously as this article offers some info (typo or not) while your comment offers absolutely nothing. Please resign from trolling. Thank you. .

      • Life Goeson

        “At the same time, I want to build a great platform for gamers. If somebody else does that too, and they do really well? Hats off to them, but I can have success in our own space if we’re selling a lot of consoles and people buying are games.”

        Learn to read buddy…

        • Life Goeson

          That is what the quote said before the article writers edit.

    • Nathaniel Graham

      “even if one pronunciations English properly” “these word do not sound the same” “resign from journalism personally and professional”. Those are some of your mistakes in just that small comment you made. Please quote the mistake you believe is in the article, because I don’t see one. Maybe it’s time to resign from commenting “personally and professional”.

      • Life Goeson

        My typos are occurring in a comment. If I was publishing an article I would at least proof read it, but I am not.

      • Life Goeson

        Also there is not mistakes in my comment. You didn’t even point out my mistakes nor did you elaborate. You good sir meet the qualifications of pure ignorance, congratulations.

        • Nathaniel Graham

          It doesn’t matter, a typo is a typo. Here are your mistakes, as I see your grasp on the English language is so weak you cannot see them for yourself even when they’re pointed out. “pronunciations” should be “pronounces”, “word” should be “words”, “professional” should be “professionally”. There you go buddy, now quote the mistake in the article please.

      • Life Goeson

        You must have an excellent life on your hands to be so angry and spiteful over the internet. I made zero typos in my comment and you didn’t even make a clear point, once again. You simply are searching so hard for typos you are misreading my comment correctly.

        “At the same time, I want to build a great platform for gamers. If somebody else does that too, and they do really well? Hats off to them, but I can have success in our own space if we’re selling a lot of consoles and people buying are games.” there is your quote with the typo buddy.

        • Nathaniel Graham

          I seriously hope that English isn’t your first language, otherwise you need to see a doctor because you have severe brain damage. The article doesn’t contain the quote that you posted. So I’m “misreading your comment correctly”? Does that mean I’m correctly misreading your comment or that your comment is correctly misread? There’s yet another typo for you. Have a good day…buddy.

          • Life Goeson

            I pity you. Once again you are getting so upset at someone over the internet, whom do not even know, that you are making yourself look like an ignorant fool. If you are going to make quotations, please make sure they are accurate. I take into consideration that you are trembling from angry, it makes it difficult for you to type. Please go proof read champ.

          • Nathaniel Graham

            Keep editing your comments, unfortunately for you it doesn’t matter. Every time you make a new comment, you’re just posting new typos for me to point out. “I take into consideration that you are trembling from angry”, I think you mean “anger” not “angry”. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I think at the beginning you made a mistake and thought there was a typo when there wasn’t one, and now you’re trying to cover that up by pretending you were trolling the whole time. At least that’s what I hope you’re doing, otherwise I worry for your mental health. I’m holding my breath in anticipation of your next comment, and I truly hope you’re able to avoid typos this time.

          • Life Goeson

            Well, Obviously! someone knows how to use Microsoft paint like a professional. I’m glad you took the personal investment of time and energy make it seem as if I made typos. On top of that, you must take you’re own mental health in to considerationing. Please ask yourself why you feel obligated to take part in what you did. You can assume you understand if that pleases you and gives you peace at night, but YOUR wrong.Sweet dream buddy.

          • Nathaniel Graham

            “YOUR” should be “you’re” in “but YOUR wrong”, “dream” should be “dreams”. Also the “you’re” in “take you’re own mental health” should be “your”. Also you’re missing the word “to” in “of time and energy [to] make it seem as if I made typos.” And again “in to” should be “into”. It’s just not fun anymore now that you’ve given up. I guess I win. Goodbye and have a nice life…oh and try to learn to spell at some point during that life, ok?

            –Conversation Ended–

          • Life Goeson

            Their you go a gain. Please read through my comments one more time because the corrections you have made our absolutely wrong. I’m glad you are getting good practice and proof reading because, frankly, you need all the help you can get. Every comment you post makes you look a little less intelligence. Conversations don’t just end because you finally realized how much of you’re life you have wasted. Try to find at least won typos in this comment!

          • Nathaniel Graham

            See what I did there?

          • Guest

            Here you go my friend, I guess you forgot responses get e-mailed when they are posted…looks a little bit like you edited your comment. We can play find the edit. See if you can find my edit and you win a prize.

  • Kdrama247

    The bottom line is, microsoft serve yogurt is scared of Sony …the PS4 is way more powerful and future proof than the xbox….why would you buy an xbox and pay to play online? Just give it time for all the game devs to go crazy with the PS4…