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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs revealed thanks to AnTuTu

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet was recently spotted on the AnTuTu benchmark database. Thanks to an image of the test conducted on the device we were able to learn quite a bit about its specs. While most of these coincide with what was previously rumored, it’s good to see some confirmation coming from a generally reliable source. Now, one of the most interesting aspects about the Note series has always been the display, which is rather large for a smartphone but not quite as big as to consider them tablets, hence the term “phablet”. The Galaxy Note 3 grew a bit compared to its predecessor, but it seems that this year Samsung decided to stop adding inches to the screen so the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to also sport a 5.7-inch panel, just like the Note 3.

However, they did make a considerable improvement in terms of resolution as revealed by AnTuTu, and we should be looking at a glorious 1440 x 2560 QHD display. This translates to a pixel density of over 500, which is certainly impressive. In regards to its processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is said to come in two variants, one packing an Exynos 5433 octa-core while the other will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. The benchmark data bases only confirms the first model, but it’s a safe bet that the other one will be released as well. Another interesting reveal made by AnTuTu is the fact that the phablet will come equipped with a 15.8MP rear-facing camera. Previous rumors only suggested a 13MP shooter, but we’re definitely glad that Samsung decided to go with more megapixels.

We should also see something along the lines of 3 GB of RAM, 3.68MP secondary camera and 16GB of internal storage memory, although some sources claim 32GB. I think it’s safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have both options, and probably even a 64GB option, just like the Note 3. Additionally, the device will most likely include a microSD card slot and rumor has it that it will be able to support up to 128 GB of additional storage memory. Finally, AnTuTu tells us that the phablet will run Android 4.4.4 straight out of the box, which is great to hear because many of Samsung’s devices have lagged behind when it comes to updates. Glad this isn’t the case here as well.


As for an announcement date, the company will officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd at an event scheduled to take place simultaneously in Berlin, Beijing, and New York.


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  • PesAddict

    What was the test score?

  • port land

    I’m really excited about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming out, especially after all the articles I’ve read about the features it’s going to have. There is this site called Recom Hub that compares all the buyback companies and shows you what price they will give you when you sell. It’s kind of like Expedia but for selling electronic gadgets. I found it to be a lot easier than searching 10-13 different sites for the best offer.

  • Pete

    Hi guys Camera Paradise has got the note 4 listed on their website in 16, 32, and 64gb versions

  • soldier45

    Flexable bendable or 3 sided display please or no sale.

  • steve

    5.7 inch screen ? Disappointing. They want me to spend $800 to upgrade from Note 3 to Note 4. The bells and whistles all sound great but it doesn’t say they are giving us a wrap around or flexible screen (probably reserving for later releases) Dust and water resistance are great add ons but I want a bigger screen so I guess I’ll just have to hold out. I’m not that much of a die hard to give lots for little. Sorry Samsung, love all of your products but I just got my Note 3 in January – you want my attention now I need more bang.

    • Drift

      You just got a phone… I don’t think your the intended market, obviously your not going to get a huge leap in one year, it’s why most phone contracts go on a 24month cycle. You can’t honestly think Samsungs goal will be to make the note larger ever year, otherwise it’ll end up a tablet… Why don’t you just buy a 4G 8.5″ tablet?

      • steve

        Oh my God, you’re stupid enough to be on a contract when we have options like T-mobile with no contact. Contracts are for fools who think they are getting their device for free or next to free when in reality they are paying for the device in contractual obligations. Believe me, Samsung will make the Note series larger, probably 6 inch will be its max out point. The technology is there for the wrap around and flexible screens as well. Why milk consumers little at a time when they know their limit in size is nearing. Who says I’m holding the device up to my head – ever hear of blue tooth. Lastly, tablets are not phones, if I wanted a tablet, I’d buy one. All my devices are Samsung (tv, laptop, phone) Samsung products are the best. They didn’t get that way by copying someone else, they got that way by being slick, refined, and innovative so i hope we don’t see metal sides as well.

        • Me Ning

          You are fucking retarded.

        • Drift

          No Steve, you are missing the point. Firstly, I didn’t say I was on contract, I said the standard cycle is considered to be two years, as shown by the two year cycle on contracts, which are still the vast majority of the market. Very few people update every year, of course you’re not going to get a huge leap after a year, you shouldn’t be upgrading every year, your phone is designed to last longer.
          Also, you misunderstand markets, Samsung isn’t designing a phone to be marketed to ‘Steve’ they’re designing a phone to be marketed to as many people as possible. Nearly no one is talking on their phone predominantly through Bluetooth, and even if they are, the phone still has to fit in a pocket. If you really need an upgrade in size every year, skip a few gens and just get a 4G 8″ tablet, like I said.

          Also keep in mind, people are after thin phones at the moment, adding curves, or making it wrap-around, automatically precludes a compact form factor, again, won’t fit in anyone’s pocket. You really aren’t thinking about the entire market, you’re focussing on your own very specific use, and Samsung are not in the business of making custom devices for each user. Before calling someone stupid maybe you should take a look at your own thought process…

          • steve

            Sorry for the stupid remark. Wasn’t trying to call someone stupid but rather the contract idea stupid. Contracts are the retailers way to get people into a new model without paying up front but in the end you are paying for the device in the cost of profit margin you leave the retailer with in service costs. Let’s face it, the manufacturers are manufacturing with the retailers in mind otherwise the retailers wouldn’t offer selling the manufacturers product. They are all in cahoots with each other to keep their own interests alive. The Note 3 is a wonderful and powerful phone – no arguments there and is certainly viable past a 2 year span. The Note series is really reaching is max out point size wise. A 5.9 or 6 inch screen will probably be that point and still be able to fit into your pocket. All I’m saying is they are so close to that now why not just go ahead and do that. I’m sure they have the technology to provide the wrap around and flexible screen and still keep the phone thin. Thin is one of Samsung’ s trademark edges over Apple, that’s why I don’t understand why Samsung would even consider putting a metal edge around their phone. For what, to make it a kluncky Apple look alike? I think the whole idea of keeping the screen at 5.7 at this point is to milk the consumer for new development and research income sources for even newer technologies and by stretching the life of the Note series that helps make that happen rather than to say they are unable to viable apply already known technologies. If i have to wait for the next generation deployment then that is what I have to do. I will not feel any less deprived because the Note 3 is a great device after all.

    • Kenny

      Why would you want a larger phone?? The note 3 has accomplished it’s potential in screen size. You’ll look like a fool walking around with a 6in or more talking to a tablet and how annoying having it in your pocket. Samsung made a great decision having it where it’s just perfect size pocket phone and adding more features and design to the note 4.
      Stick with your note 3 steve.

    • Dunban

      Samsung interested in Older Galaxy note Owner Steve.

    • disqus_HDsPgXBXbV

      I don’t think they expect you to spend $800, but to sell your Note 3 for $300 and spent $500 🙂

      • steve

        No, won’t sell a $700 phone I’ve had for 9 months for $300 and then spend $500 to get an upgrade that doesn’t have all the features I want. I would only consider that option if it has all the available technology. It would make more sense to hold out until they at least have a 5.9 or 6 inch screen that is wrapped on the sides, flexible as well as all the other bells and whistles. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Note 3 but would only upgrade if the upgrade were enticing enough.

  • Kdrama247

    Please let it be…..4GB of Ram….Please….Fingers crossed.

  • Fernando Santos

    so nobody questions the resolution of the “screenshot”? may be fake….

  • Aroaril

    “Galaxy Note 4 will have both options, and probably even a 64GB option, just like the Note 3?”
    The Galaxy Note 3 never had a 64GB option. And before you tell me it did find just one person who owns one.