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Galaxy Note 4 camera features leaked

Everybody is excited about the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 4 in a weeks from now. In light of this, rumors and speculations have been flying around about what the phone will look like, how it will feel like, what will the specs be, how will the camera perform, will it be better than the Galaxy S5, and so on. Many of our questions may remain unanswered (partially) until the launch event, but at least we can help you with the camera issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s camera features have been leaked online, and they show quite an improvement compared to the Galaxy S5. What we’ve heard is that the Note 4 will sport a 16 MP Sony IMX240 sensor on its backside, just like the Galaxy S5, the difference being that Samsung has supposedly implemented OIS, optical image stabilization, which the S5 didn’t feature. The camera will also be able to shoot UHD video with 3840*2160 resolution at 30fps. The front camera of the Galaxy Note 4 will be upgraded to a 3.7 MP sensor as well, well behind other flagship models, but improved nonetheless.

A new feature will also be added, according to the leak, called Side Touch, which basically means that Samsung has implemented a sensor on the bottom right of the Galaxy Note 4, which you can use to trigger the shutter. It won’t be a button, though, rather just a spot. It’s an interesting feature to add, since sources say it won’t work when taking photos in portrait mode or when capturing video.

A new gesture will be added to the lock screen as well, letting you turn your camera on by tapping two fingers on the screen and swiping them apart. The camera’s features will include Selfie, Wide Selfie and Selfie Alarm modes, too, which is hilarious, truly. Samsung is also adding a non selfie-centric mode called Create a GIF file, modeled probably after the Animated Photo.

All this sounds nice and the leak comes as expected after the same type of leak occurred before the release of the Galaxy S5. Seeing the camera features, many say the Galaxy Note 4 might just be the ideal phablet for photography, but it remains to be seen whether these features will work as they were supposed to.

Until then, we patiently await IFA Berlin, where the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to make its debut. You can check out the other specs we’ve found here. 

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